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Part I: Disease Introduction (due Week 4). This paper should be approximately 600 words (not less than 500 words; not more than 750 words) excluding references.

Process: the diesease you have is HIV
find at least three credible resources (from journal articles, web sites or book chapters for your choice of disease), and write a 500-750 word paper describing risk factors and symptoms.
Use headings to orient your audience. the sections of your paper should be divided into section with headings that include a title; an introduction that describes the nature of the disease (origin or cause), its stages, signs and symptoms; physiological changes that occur; risk factors (modifiable and unmodifiable); how risk factors affect progression of the disease, frequency of the disease in the population, and your References.
In your written paper, answer the following questions:
a) What is the nature of the disease (origin or cause)? Are there multiple stages of the disease?
b) What are the signs and symptoms? What physiological changes occur?
c) What are the risk factors for this disease? Are these modifiable (for example, you could stop smoking, or eat less saturated fat) or nonmodifiable (age, sex, genetic inheritance).
d) How do the risk factors affect the progression of the disease?
e) How frequent is this disease in the general US population?
You may include additional section headings as necessary to cover your particular topic.