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This essay is a finals research paper in 8 pages long and it should examine
the collape of communisem in the Central/East Europe or De-communization of the Central Europe countries.

The research question is: What is the role of ideology and nationalism in the decline (or collapse) of communism in Central Europe?

In fact, you will examine, What eventually caused the collapse of
communism in Eastern Europe?

Was it a resurgence of nationalist sentiment, a failure of central Soviet economic planning to provide a lifestyle comparable to Western Europe, or was it a fundamental failure of communism to integrate into Eastern Europe?

These questions concern different countries, each with its own individual history.

The Central and Eastern European states all had indigenous communist parties
before the World War II occupation and before the Soviet occupation.

The events that eventually led to the decline of Soviet-sponsored governments
and being thrown off had resulted in a series of events that allowed the resurgent force of nationalism to take advantage to gain a confront the Soviet Union at the time when it was least able to resist.

While the defeat of communist ideology and economic failure played an essential role in delegitimizing Soviet union control, nationalism played a significant role to be the feature of the collapse of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe.


(1) A short intro that introduces the topic and presents the research question, briefly characterizes the sources, and indicates the methodology (historical analysis, comparative analysis, utilization of oral testimony, biographical essay etc.);
(2) the main text;

(3) conclusion + answer to the research question.

The paper has to have a citation apparatus.

For historical text, the best is the Chicago style.

You could also see the Chicago Manual of Style which is online.

The below are the name of a few related sources:

1- Calvocoressi, Peter (2009), World Politics Since 1945.


2- Cox, Michael (1998), Rethinking the Soviet Collapse: Sovietology, the Death of Communism and the New Russia.


3- Crampton, R.J. (2003), Eastern Europe in the Twentieth Century and After.


4- Crockatt, Richard (1995), The Fifty Years War: The United States and the Soviet Union in World Politics, 1941-1991.


5- Dockrill, Saki Ruth (2005), The End of the Cold War Era.


6- Levesque, Jacques (2010), ‘The East European Revolutions of 1989’.


7-Pravda, Alex (2010), ‘The Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1990-1991.

Thank you so much.