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healthcare ethics

The final paper project is a brief argumentative research paper on a case/issue/problem of your choosing from the topic of healthcare ethics.  When choosing your topic/issue please think about ways to narrow down the scope of your paper so that you can adequately discuss it in the space allotted.


1) Introduction that presents the question you are interested in, contains a thesis which states your own position on the issue, and explains who your paper is addressed to (the opposing view). Your intro should also give a brief roadmap to the rest of your paper.

2) Explanation of the positions/ opposing viewpoints on the issue and the major arguments for each. Please give each paragraph its own main point, and devote a separate paragraph to each argumentative point.

3) You need to take a position on the issue and explain why that position is better than the opposing point of view.

The paper, in total, should be 1300-1600 words in length, double spaced, with standard fonts and 1 inch margins. It should cite at least 4 sources (academic or credible journalistic sources) in presenting the case. Sources may be found in the textbook and by using internet research (google nytimes, guardian, wall street journal, NPR, BBC + topic/issue of interest). Do not plagiarize from the internet or the papers of others. The grademark software automatically checks papers for originality against websites and previously submitted papers. If you are struggling, please get help from me— plagiarism will result in failure on the project and in the class. The textbook can count as multiple sources depending on how many authors/ articles from it you use. It is an excellent resource which you should consult first before searching online.