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Part 1:

Create a plan for managing the critical conversation that needs to take place between Kate and Richard in regard to moving the position to the HIM department. Use Kate’s perspective in developing the conversation plan. Refer to the steps for planning a critical conversation detailed in chapter 5 to make sure all aspects of the conversation plan are covered.  Remember, you are creating a plan for Kate to use to organize her thoughts and prepare the the critical conversation with Richard.  Do not write out the conversation, create Kate’s plan.
Part 2:
  1. Choose three different job analysis methods discussed in chapter 7 to collect data for the proposed new HIM application specialist position. For each method, explain the chosen method, and describe the method process for analyzing the application specialist position.

Part #1 asks you to review three different job analysis methods discussed in Chapter 7 (pgs. 127-154).

Chapter 7 begins with explaining job analysis and job design.  The steps in a job analysis are also defined (pg. 129) with detailed information for each step in the next few pages.

This deliverable requires you to look at the 4th step, “identify the sources of data and the specific job data to be collected; and outline methods of collecting data.”

The textbook begins discussing job analysis methods for collecting data on page 131.  Four primary data collection methods are listed on page 131.  An additional four secondary data collection methods are listed on page 133.  You will choose 3 methods to discuss in this deliverable, include at least one from primary data collection and one from secondary data collection.  Do not use all primary or all secondary methods.

2. Create a new job title and job summary the human resources (HR) department will use to recruit for candidates for this new HIM position.

Read information about the job title beginning on page 137-139.  Pay attention to the table on page 138 that contains emerging job titles.  Make sure to include information in your paper about why you chose the job title.  Information about what to include in a job summary is discussed on page 139. Think about what you would want to see if you were applying for the position.  

*PLEASE use the documents below, I have attached examples and textbook pages