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artilce for essay

Global culture can be viewed  either through the lens of convergence or hybridization.” Agree/ disagree and use evidence from the journal article to support your thinking.


refer to what we mean by the term globalization and specifically the “S/C from PESTLE  (in the intro)



-Provide working definitions for both of the indicated concepts (convergency/ hybridization). Use your own words. Do not simply lift quotes. Include the Culture Arrow (See PPT slides for this chapter)

-Identify the “tension” between these two  concepts.


-Briefly discuss the idea behind McDonaldization? This is a complicated concept. Just provide enough to make sense in the context of your paper.

– Does McDonalds represent a “local” or more of a “global” experience in Russian society according to the author? Give specific examples. Why is this important?


-Return to the concepts of convergence and hybridization and the Writing Prompt. Clearly state your position and provide three concrete examples to support your thinking.



-Identify one additional insight that you have gained from this analysis.

-Do you have any examples from your own life experience that would illustrate either convergence or hybridization?

-If you were to learn more about the topic of McDonaldization, as a topic to study globalization and culture, indicate one (future) research question you would want to investigate.