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Learners will write a research paper analyzing a historical topic covered in the course, demonstrating the ability to locate sources, and clearly communicate an argument that analyzes complex historical questions.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a historically relevant topic/question
  • Demonstrate research skills by providing relevant information to support their interpretation and argument of historical question
Topic: How King Louis XIV impact on France such as political, culture.


  • Students will begin by selecting a topic of their choice covered during the course
  • Students will then develop an historically relevant question that analyzes various aspects of Western Civilizations
    • Students will need to develop questions that address questions of how or why rather than factually based questions, students want to an analytical essay and not a report
  • Students must then locate at least 10 sources (5 primary and 5 secondary) that will assist them in answering their question(s)
    • Primary source material includes sources from the period being studied and can include, but are not limited to: letters, histories, journals, paintings, architecture, sculpture, etc.
    • Acceptable secondary source material would include, but not limited to scholarly journal articles, appropriate scholarly databases and websites (official museums and libraries), historical documentaries that demonstrate rigorous scholarly research, etc.
    • Students should consult the assigned reader, online librarian, or instructor for assistance in obtaining sources
  • Students will then write a formal 2500 word analytical essay that presents a clear argument or thesis that may be supported by secondary and primary sources
    • Essays should be submitted as a PDF or DOCX
    • Format should include Times New Roman 12-in font, standard margins, and double spaced
    • Proper citations should be used for all references made to sources along with a Works Cited page using the Chicago style