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Field work
Ten hours of fieldwork are required for this class. Four hours of observation must be in a classroom graded B-2 and the remaining four hours must be in a classroom graded 3-6.  You must use those hours for in-class observation of two certified special education teacher(s). You may observe co-taught classes, special education classes, or resource rooms. Use four hours in each classroom and two hours for interviews for a total of 10 hours.  You may not observe non-instructional activities such as lunch or recess. The purpose of the fieldwork is to observe certified special education teachers and make connections to course content within real world classroom settings. You may not observe yourself. This assignment requires more than two school days to complete.  Complete and upload your fieldwork paper onto Blackboard, following the guidelines below:
Fieldwork Paper (5-7 pages) summarizing the visits in a narrative form responding to the following five questions:
  1. Describe the classroom you are observing: (i.e., grade level, types of disabilities, subject area, co-taught general education class or self-contained special education class, number of students in class, activities you observed)
  2. Describe the lesson being presented (i.e., a) subject matter, b) objectives, c) measurement of student responses, d) technology used
  3. Describe methods utilized during the lesson (e.g., scaffolding, task analysis) and materials you observed during the lesson.
  4. What types of instructional or test accommodations were used?
  5. Were the teacher’s behavioral expectations clear? (e.g., rules posted, directions and instructions clearly stated. Describe the behavior management system used. How effective do you think it was?
 If the reported fieldwork does not total ten hours, your final grade will be reduced 10 points for each missing hour. You must complete and submit a separate form as documentation for the College’s fieldwork requirement directly onto Taskstream.
 Student Learning Outcome aligned with this requirement: 9. Explain and engage in collaboration with colleagues, administrators, and families. [CEC Standard 10]