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Paraphrase and integrate the information read in the assigned texts. Make sure to add a reference list and use in-text citations in your narration, i.e., (Wohlfarth & Morgan, 2017) and  (Wilmhurst, 2015) and (5th ed.; DSM–5; American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2013).NOTE: Once you have introduced the APA’s full name at first reference, you can start using in your narration the shorter in-text citation version as (APA, 2013).
Answer below questions for Case 8 in full paragraphs. 
1.Case: Briefly introduce Bear including his cultural background and social interactions. Of all the theoretical models of eating disorders discussed, which one do you think best explains Bear’s disorder?  (~200 words)
2.Clinical Context: Create a table with all risk factors that you think are contributing to Bear’s eating disorder. Include possible treatment, symptoms, and challenges. List risk factors that include genetics, social, cultural, cognitive, and systemic.
3. Culture: Expanding on 2), how do you think that Native American cultural values helped shape Bear, both in terms of risk factors and resilience factors? What strengths does Bear have? How might you integrates his strengths into a treatment plan? (~200 words)
4. Critical Thinking: Do you think Dr. McFall and Bear had a good rapport? List all the problematic comments made by the doctor and think about ways he could have been more culturally sensitive and therapeutic. Provide page numbers and your evaluation. (~200 words)
5. Self-reflection: What are your concluding thoughts on this week’s topic readings and case? Is there a reason why you picked this case? Can you relate this case to any of your experiences, directly or indirectly?  (~100 words)
For citation please use these 3 sources:
1.Class Textbook ”  (Wilmhurst, 2015) CH 11 pg 231
2.the book of the case study itself “Wohlfarth & Morgan, 2017)” the pictures are taken from it
3. DSM 5 (APA 2013)