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Explain the impact westward expansion 

INTRODUCTION:  History is the never-ending story of people, culture, and nations. It includes the political, economic, and social events that occur and how those events, and their impact, change over time.  With this understanding in mind, answer the following question:

– Explain the impact westward expansion has had upon all Americans (Native, European, enslaved) from the establishment of the Proclamation Line following the Seven Years’ War (1763) to the Mexican War (1848.)


Here are the guidelines for Exam Essay #3:

  • Write your essay using material from the textbook, course videos, and class discussions.  However, you may use ONE (1) outside, academic source to supplement the material from the course textbook, videos, and discussions.  Please review your academic source before engaging in your research.
  • Follow the course guidelines for format, footnotes, academic sources, and thesis statement.
  • Your minimum word count, excluding heading and footnotes, should be at least 625.
  • Your thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph.
  • Your essay should be divided into 5 paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph should contain at least 1 footnote.
  • The text book we use is “The American Promise a history of the United States, Eight Edition by Roark, Johnson, Furstenberg, Stage, and Igo”