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To what extent does recognizing a problem in literature influence a reader’s action outside of the novel?

Please write a 4 page essay detailing your answer to the above question. To do so, you should consider the following:

  • Summary of the complaint and how we come to know of it.
    • Which character/s best exemplify the problem?
    • What do they want us to know about their complaint?
    • What literary devices does the author use to help illuminate the problem?
    • How effectively is the complaint made?
  • Analysis of why this is a problem which exists beyond the pages of the novel.
    • Who else is impacted by this issue?
    • What are the results or consequences of the problem?
    • Where/when does the problem occur?
    • Who is responsible for the creation or perpetuation of this problem?
  • Analysis of the influence on the reader.
    • Does the recognition of this problem spur further thought in you, the reader?
    • What more do you want to know about this issue?
    • Are you moved to learn more, to questions about this kind of problem in your real life?
    • What action/s could you, or other readers, take to address this problem?
  • Your essay should include a work cited page. Please go to this MLA website (Links to an external site.)  to see a sample and for help building your work cited page.

Book used for source: