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Your final assignment is to write a seven-page (double-spaced) critical review essay of THE QUEUE [book link included] .

critical review essay that uses its plot and characters to develop an argument related to the arguments/themes covered in this course.

It should be set in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides, and not exceed seven pages.

The introduction to a review essay lays out your general line of argument.

opening paragraph that situates the book in the social and political context in which it is written, identify the main theme(s) it features, and preview your critical response not more than half a page to this part.

Summary identifying the central characters, plot, and political themes (related to our readings and class discussions). The summary should be clear and concise, and not exceed one page.

Critical Discussionthe contribution of the text under review to the study of global politics, comparative politics, and politics of the Middle East. As a starting point, consider how the book illustrates some core themes we’ve discussed. Identify theme(s) addressed by the author in relation to our course. Then begin your critical analysis. Here you should reference readings from the syllabus. Dedicate four-five pages to this section.

Conclusion. End your essay with a paragraph that answers the question: “so what?” This final essay should not repeat the first paragraph of the essay. It should instead summarize the points you have made differently and engage with unanswered questions or concerns prompted by your argument. It should also consider what is important about this book for understanding Middle East politics.