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Spend at least one full day brainstorming over who you are and what unique traits you possess that you can contribute to your future dream career. On a single Word document, record the date of the day of reflection. It’s a good idea to jot down some notes on your thoughts throughout the day.
Day of Reflection: July 12, 2020
I’m: strong, kind, faithful, loving…
I have a passion for…
I need to work on…
People often trust me. I am dependable.
2. Make a thoughtful list of the top 10 qualities/traits you possess that can positively contribute to your future dream job. Explain each one and how it relates to the position. Remember- all of these tasks should be completed in one Word doc. 
3. Compose a 5-7 page analysis essay/narrative explaining who you are and how you plan to contribute to your future dream job. Take all of your previous notes (from tasks 1 & 2) into consideration as your compose this piece. Think of different scenarios. Break things down. Relate things.