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Effect on the Brain and Body

Stress and Its Effect on the Brain and Body. Excessive human stress is widely regarded as a contributing factor to, or a cause of, numerous physical and mental diseases. This topic requires you to address the neurobiological mechanisms associated with the stress response, and how the brain responds to stress. In particular, you will need to identify how stress hormones can impede the well-being and normal functioning of the brain. Further, this topic should include an examination of the effects of stress on the functioning of specific brain structures such as the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex, and/or amygdala.

 Part 1: 1 proposal/Outline page paper on the topic. 
Part 2: 12 to 15 double-spaced wordprocessed pages. Note that this does not include title pages, reference pages, figures, and appendices. The typical font size is 12 points (the minimum acceptable size is 11 point) and the font style is Times New Roman. Clear, concise introduction and rationale. Thorough coverage of material. Extensively and appropriately referenced with primary scientific sources. Well-organized and planned material. Demonstrated knowledge, comprehension, evaluation, and integration of material. Conclusions are clear and logical with well-founded recommendations for further research. Excellent writing style, presentation, and formatting.