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Economic Benefits of the Green New Deal Resolution
Read through the Green New Deal Resolution #109 Download the Green New Deal Resolution #109
If you have never read a formal resolution from the Congress of the United States, well here is your chance!
The structure of a resolution, by the way, is a modified syllogism.  where you state several premises or propositions that are true statements of a problem, the “Whereas” section,  followed by a “Resolved”  section that is a point by point course of action that if enacted would solve all the problems.  Keep in mind, all of the premises must be true and logically connected to all of the solutions for this argument to be valid.
Now that you are familiar with the Green New Deal, House Resolution 109, I would like you to consider that some facets of this resolution would increase the strength and resiliency of the US economy and consider remodeling it for that focus.   To expand this idea, it has been suggested that a circular economy is far stronger and more resilient to supply chain disruption than a linear economy. By resiliency I mean resistant to potentially devastating changes like recessions and depressions.  For example, you might consider this pandemic economic disruption as a model and think of ways we could be better prepared for such challenges in the future.
 There are 4 parts to the answer:
I would like you to take the 3 best issues from the Green New Deal that would make the economy stronger and more resilient and provide some evidence and a strong logical argument for your case.  Outside references would be useful here.
Then, take the 3 weakest suggestions and make them better and more aligned with the economic strength and resilience or refocus them on a circular economy.
Now add one thing not currently in the proposal that is essential to meet the goals of economic sustainability and strength that would support the circular economy.
Finally, sketch out a plan to pitch this remodeled version of the Green New Deal that would appeal to a majority of Americans in both of the majority political parties. Bonus for an awesome acronym for your new resolution or political movement.