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For this week, I want you to post your response to this novel so far. What do you think Offill is up to? What do you think she’s aiming to capture about our current times? If you’re not sure, be honest about that, but I want you to at least make some theories. Regardless, root your contemplations in specific elements of the first eighty pages. What leads you to think as you do about this novel?

As a bit of a guide, I’m going to list a few of what I consider to be some of the most notable sections from this week’s readings. Consider the possible reasons that I find these sections notable.

The grade that you receive this week will be determined by the thoughtfulness and specificity of your engagement with the first eighty pages. Demonstrate to me that you’re taking the reading of Weather seriously and are making a conscientious effort to think hard about its intentions.

A Selection of Some Notable Sections Between pages 40 and 80:

  • p. 41: the section “On the way there, Mr. Jimmy . . .” through the italics.
  • p. 44: the section in the dotted box — “Q: What is the philosophy of late capitalism?”
  • p. 46: bottom of the page, the section “Sylvia tells the audience . . . “
  • p. 61: bottom of the page, the section “She takes out her phone to demonstrate . . .”
  • p. 65: the section “But no one is safe . . .”
  • p. 67: the section at the bottom “A man calls in from Dallas.”

When you return to these sections, be sure to remind yourself of what comes just before them and after them. You need to understand the context of these sections. And know this: I’ve not mentioned many sections that are equally, if not more, notable than these, so impress me with your interpretation skills. And just because I didn’t mention any from between 50-59 and 70-80 doesn’t mean that these pages are less important.

Work count: minimum of 275

After you’ve posted your response, please read some of your classmates’ responses. I encourage you to make short responses to a few of them. You may find some of them to be very helpful.