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These are 5 business metrics with text book definition.

1)     Return On Investment – As an organization, you want to ensure that the dollars you are putting into training your employees is paying off. Can be defined as the profit per dollar invested in social compensations/wages.

2)   Number of Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Helps understand how much effort is being put into maintaining and improving employee happiness.

3)  New Hire 90-Day Failure Rate – Helps determine how successful the talent acquisition process is at finding the right fit for jobs.

4) Percent of Job Candidates who Meet Job Criteria – Helps in evaluating the effectiveness of job postings in reaching top candidates.

5)  Internal Promotion Rate – Internal promotions indicate successful retention and growth of top performers. Can be determined by dividing the number of promoted individuals by the total number of employees.

Please discuss why they are important to a business’ overall success.