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My topic is: Digital fashion is the visual depiction of clothing by using 3D modeling software and computer technologies. Additionally, it is an amalgamation of both technology and fashion, which have been profoundly affected by the growth of information and technology (ICT). The ICT in digital happens at three levels; it is used in designing and producing the products, the distribution of the sales, and communication activities with stakeholders. Unlike physical clothes, digital clothing is not formed of fabric or anything else that can be seen or touched. Therefore, the claim is that the value of digital clothing has been increasing with time.

Firstly, the reason for the value of digital clothing to increase is that many people are more concerned with social media, which has increased consumerism and provides the opportunity for people to buy and also send the products, which is making a stream of digital fashion that is never-ending (Evans, 2021). Therefore, this has made the value of digital fashion increase the same as the virtual currency.

Secondly, digital fashion is generated by imagination and creativity used by the computer, which has shown a revolution against the pollution nature resulting from its physical nature (Evans, 2021). Therefore, digital fashion is considered an eco-friendly decision because it is exhaust and produces nothing, not only data, hence keeping the wardrobe free.

In conclusion, digital clothing is seen as the only way to achieve an exceptional style in the fast-fashion world today. This attitude is bolstered by social media, with one out of six youth at the young age admitting they cannot dress an outfit again if it has been seen online.