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Now that you have developed a strong understanding of the company’s needs from the previous weeks’ work, you will create a presentation that provides the full network topology. Ensure that your design begins with the Internet and feeds into the company, VPNs, Webserver(s) connections to support expected traffic, storage and bandwidth, internal printers, network probes for monitoring, a lot of virtual and video meetings, enhanced security, external guest access and a significant number of employees working remotely, etc.

you will prepare a recorded presentation for the CIO that covers the network topology and capacity planning. Your presentation should include the following:

  • Network design diagram that illustrates:
    • Internet connection that feeds into the company
    • Devices (webserver(s), switches(s), router(s), internal printers, firewall)
    • VPNs
    • Storage and bandwidth capacity
    • Connectivity and security to accommodate external guests
    • Network probes
  • Design considerations for addressing:
    • Capacity and connectivity to support the high volume of video conferencing and remote employees connecting daily to the network
    • Enhanced security for external guests and remote employees

Use the speaker notes to provide what you would say for each slide then make a video recording of the presentation. Use citations to support the best practices that you have used in your design.

Length: 12-15 slides, not including title and reference list

Speaker Notes Length: 200-350 words with a recorded voiceover

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.