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Explore a theme using multiple art forms.

For your FINAL PROJECT, you are the coordinator of a Fine Arts installation Gala Event.
You are in charge of a building or space, remodeled to your specifications, containing at least an art gallery and a performance space.
Choose a theme with which to have a Grand Opening. Your theme must be specific. Once you have a very specific theme, create a STORY expressing that theme. Decide on the feeling and artistic elements which speak of it, to it and express it.
Each element, the art pieces, the music, the color of the walls, the building, the sounds, what they see out the window… every sense must be engaged by choices, art choices and artistic choices (they are different), that flow effortlessly into each-other. Best if they also support and suggest each-other. Also, don’t project a meaning onto the art works. If the artwork does not clearly express your theme, don’t use it.
The worst kind of project is one where I walk through, see some art, hear some music, watch a play and then leave. Understand?
Make your choices specific enough that you shed new light on the theme by combining the experiences of various art forms into one weekend extravaganza.
What art work will go in the gallery? What theatre or dance will be performed? Is there music performed/played? How will you re-do the architecture of the space?
Example: a theme of “love” doesn’t really do much, but maybe “the love of a parent for their child” might work. Make sure you’re very specific with your descriptions, so I can visualize/hear the entire event. Also, make sure you use good citations.
The event should be Original, Immersive and Integrative.
‘Original’ means your own work with your own take on it.
‘Immersive’ means the viewer is dropped out of their everyday world and into your artistic one, where they can experience the theme you have chosen at an emotive level…not just an intellectual one.
‘Integrative’ means each art form must play upon and utilize another art form. it is not enough to have a walk through experience where each art form is represented, one after another, and where each has a representation of your theme. That is a museum exhibit…not an immersive experience where the architecture is suffused with the music which is suffused with the paintings…etc…
Avoid developing a museum walk through of one art genre into another—each based around your theme. This would be an example of a NON-integretive project.