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describing the experiment we are conducting as a class on false memories

Paper should be an APA-style research report describing the experiment we are conducting as a class on false memories. Your paper must include the following:

  1. Title Page

  2. Abstract

  3. Introduction

  4. Method (with Participants, Design, Materials, Procedure subsections)

  5. Results (includes Figure)

  6. References

  7. Discussion

You must also include a single Figure of the mean lure false alarms for each of the four conditions (I WILL SEND IT TO YOU)The Figure must be done in APA style and must be referred to in the Results section. The entire paper must follow APA style as indicated by APA guidelines as described in class and in Chapter 8 of your text. You will be graded on accuracy and completeness of content, writing style, and APA style.

I will send two documents including an example of how the paper should be outlined , as well as an example of how the results should be. You are required to cite all three background articles for this experiment which I will also send all three. In addition, you must find one additional relevant paper on your own to cite in your paper. There are many other papers published on this topic – if you need help finding a 4th article, please let us know and we will help you find one.

• Roediger and McDermott (1995)

• Olszewska et al. (2015)

• McBride et al. (2019)

Therefore, your paper must include at least four citations and four references. You may include additional related articles if you wish. In other words, more than four citations is ok, but points will be deducted if the required citations listed above are not made in your paper and listed in the References.

You may NOT use quotations from the articles, with or without quotation marks. Be sure to make citations when you discuss information from the articles or define concepts (e.g., defining precrastination).  but listed below are some APA rules you should keep in mind while you write (points will be deducted for violations of these rules):

• the title page, abstract, introduction, references, figure caption, and figure each begin a new page

• begin the Introduction with the title of the paper, centered at the top of the page – do not type “Introduction”

• each page must be numbered in the upper right

• double space the entire paper

• use 1 inch margins on all pages – the running head and page numbers are included

• numbers below 10 should be words, 10 or above should be numerals (except when a number begins a sentence or is used as a measurement – use words to begin a sentence OR in the Abstract – use only numbers in the Abstract – use numbers when indicating timing and other measurements)

• method and results sections should be written in past tense – also use past tense to describe previous research (the research will already be completed when you hand in your paper)

• the figure must be computer-generated

• follow the sample papers (Chapter 8 and the lab manual) as a model and all other stylistic points discussed in class