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A refective case study written in 3rd person by an Advanced Clinical Practitioner in the UK.

Case study is on a patient with Dementia who lives with husband at home. Pateint requires input from a range of professionals including GP,social services, district nurses and occupational therpaists.
The refection will discuss how this multidisplinary team are put together by the writer.
Must cover the following learning outcomes:
1.Work collaboratively with an appropriate range of multi-agency and inter-professional resources, developing, maintaining and evaluating links to manage risk and issues across organisations and settings
2.Exercise professional judgement to manage risk appropriately, especially where there may be complex and unpredictable events and supporting teams to do likewise to ensure safety of individuals, families and carers
3.Use expertise and decision-making skills to inform clinical reasoning approaches when dealing with differentiated and undifferentiated individual presentations and complex situations, synthesising information from multiple sources to make appropriate, evidence-based judgements and/or diagnoses.

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