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i picked adhd as my topic .. this is her example Love

Love is a universal emotion that most people will experience in their lifetimes. We may

begin life with the love of our family, then grow to love others as we experience life. While

there are many different kinds of love, each person experiences love in his or her own way. In

my own life, I have been blessed with much love. However, there is one that defines all others.

Love is my dog, Flynn.

One of the reasons love is my dog, Flynn, is because he is always happy to see

me. Whether I have been gone five minutes or five days, Flynns reaction of overwhelming joy

to see me is the same. He trips over his small, fuzzy feet as he scurries to fly across the room to

meet me. His little eyes light up with excitement, and he bounces with joy. Part of experiencing

love is knowing that the other person, or dog in this case, enjoys being in my presence and is 

happy when I return after an absence. When I love someone, I am happy to be with that person, 

and expect the same response, so that is why being happy to see me is love.

Another reason that Flynn is love is because we enjoy spending time together. Whether

were playing ball, snuggling on the couch while I read, or taking a walk, Flynn and I enjoy the

time that we get to spend together. His funny antics make me laugh, and his sweet gestures make

me smile, even if I am having a rough day. He is a Coton de Tulear dog, a breed that was created

for the nobility of Madagascar. Some call them the antidepressant” dogs because they are such

good, happy little companion pets. This makes him easy to take places with me, which makes 

running errands more enjoyable for me. Overall, the time we enjoy spending together is an

important part of love for me because we get to share experiences and make memories.

Love is also Flynn because he’s loyal. When I think of love, I think of a relationship. For

any relationship to be successful, there has to be some level of loyalty to each other. Flynn is

very loyal to me because he comes when I call him and listens to my commands, though he does

not listen to strangers or come when they call. He likes to please me, so he tries to learn the

tricks that I teach him out a loyalty to me. If there is not loyalty, there cannot be a true, deep

love between any two people (or person and dog) because love is about commitment and

devotion, which come from being loyal. Part of the benefit of any loving relationship is the feeling that comes from knowing there is someone who is going to stand by my side, even when times are hard. Ultimately, loyalty is the foundation of any successful relationship. Flynn shows the loyalty that is necessary to share love.

Many times when people talk about love, they talk about the emotional connection they

share with another person. However, love can be exemplified by any creature who displays the

traits of love. For me, love is my dog, Flynn, because he is happy to see me when I return to

him, even if I have only been separated from his for a short time. He enjoys spending time with me, and he is very loyal. All of these traits combine to define love.

and these are the instructions 

Length: 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 pages

Format: MLA

Due Date: Monday, 4/18 before midnight – Turn It In link is in this module

Topic Choices: (pick one).

A.  Write a definition essay exploring how you define a struggle in your life.

B. Write a definition essay exploring your personal definition of an abstract noun.

Thesis format:

Abstract noun/struggle  is  concrete noun.