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Dark Age Europe

Each student will write a seven to ten page research paper (of text) on the culture he or she has chosen.  Title pages and bibliographies do not count as text, but must be included. The chosen topic must be agreed upon by me and the student.  Topics, bibliographies, outlines, and drafts will be reviewed by me and the student on a regular basis.  All papers are to be word-processed or typed with a cover page indicating the title of the assignment, student’s name, instructor’s name and the date on which the assignment is handed in.  Students must give me a hard copy of their papers on the date due.  I will not accept last-minute emailed copies.  Loose pages will not be accepted; papers must be stapled or put in a folder. Be professional.  When the bibliographies are due, each student will provide 10 bibliographic references on their topic. PLEASE USE ALL THE SOURCES I AM PROVIDING.