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For this assignment, you will need to purchase a case study from Harvard Business Publishing and prepare a three-page analysis which will be uploaded here and checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. To complete this assignment you must:

  • Purchase and read the case study
  • OPTIONAL – Prepare a draft of your analysis paper, referring to the rubric and use Turnitin to check for plagiarism
  • Revise and edit your draft and submit your final analysis paper by the posted deadline
  1. Using the rubric below, create your written analysis paper in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx file type). The format is a maximum of three pages long, single-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and appropriately titled headings for paragraphs. The inclusion of an Appendix (maximum of additional two pages) is optional. Points will be deducted for failing to adhere to any of these formatting requirements.
  • What problem or issue is the central focus of this case?
  • How do the five forces apply to this case?
  • What are the broader environmental factors affecting the industry?
  • What is the focal company’s current strategy?
  • How well do the focal firm’s resources or capabilities (e.g. competences) distinguish it from its competition as well as contribute to value creation?
  • What is the focal company’s competitive advantage?
  • What should the focal company do and what are the main reasons for your recommendations?
  • What are the financial performance implications for your recommendations?