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Subject: Other (Occupational Therapy)

The Title/Topic for my Literature Review is: Benefit of occupational therapy intervention for children with developmental delays

The Literature review needs to have an introduction, body and conclusion for 1500 words. No abstract required.

Body of the essay:

– Investigate previous research and find out what’s been done before

– Consider theoretical frameworks (e.g. health promotion models and theories)

– Identify “gaps” in existing knowledge to find out how your projects fits within current knowledge and understanding

– Select the most appropriate methodology (if applicable, e.g. provide a rational/justification for the approach you are taking in your project)

– Determine/clarify/justify your project aims and objectives

(for this one, I have a project that links with this assignment. My project is about the activity packs for children with developmental delays. The aims and objectives of my project are:

  1. To increase access to Occupational Therapy intervention
  2. Empower families, education providers and community members to implement activities independently
  3. Improve access to resources for all community members, regardless of language or cultural origin.
  4. Increase access to health information & subsequently increase engagement with health services.
  5. To raise awareness of the role of Paediatric Occupational Therapy and Child & Family health.
  6. To help children improve their FM skills + development of other life skills.

Pl Please link this project’s aims and objectives to my topic which is Occupational therapy intervention for developmental delays (sorry if this may confuse you).

Reference list: the more references the better . I would say 10-20 references (Journal articles if possible and need to have doi’s). APA 7th

Please look at the following files to guide you. Models and theories of health promotion are also provided to you.