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1) Within the 4 phase process of behavior change in SCT(pre-training, training, initial testing, continued performance) there are several “markers” used to assess readiness to move forward in the process. For example, behavioral capability demonstrates the ability to replicate or engage in a behavior under ideal circumstances.  Related to that performance of course are such issues as self efficacy, internal locus, adequate support systems or external influences(ie models for one example). Where in the four phase process should self efficacy be addressed???  How might it be addressed, in terms of reinforcements, gain vs loss framed messaging, etc??

2) SCT is an ecological approach to health behavior/skill development. Using Socio-Ecological Model as a basis how might the macro levels of SEM be best utilized (provide some examples) to move a person incrementally toward the goal of self regulation??

3) Using Petosa’s Vigorous Activity…. article as a basis, provide your thoughts on the effectiveness of using social(interpersonal, etc) based strategies to facilitate physical activity. Be sure to consider/address social support, exercise identity, team efforts, valued outcomes, etc in your discussion.