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-Students will choose two works to compare and contrast from this set of GoogleArtProject images. For this essay, you will perform visual analysis(line, shape, volume, perspective, color, texture, pattern, time, motion, composition, etc.), but also will consider one of the course’s major themes (that is, the subjects of Topics 5-12, such as The Human Body or Mortality and Immortality). How do the visual qualities of each work help it to convey the theme? Do they convey the same ideas, or do they create different impressions? Do not write two micro-essays, but one essay that considers two works. The essay should be a clearly written, academic essay, with —-Chicago style notes
-Your answer must be approximately 600 words.
I will NOT read longer answers, so choose every word carefully
Do not waste space with any fluff (ie. “I chose this work because….” or “I really like this work because…”). Get right to the main point of your argument!
-Read the assignment thoroughly. Be sure you understand it before you begin.
-Essays will be graded for content, style, grammar, and proofreading. Edit your work carefully.
-Plagiarism will result in an F for the entire course! DO NOT take the risk.
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