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Length: 750 words (not including citation materials)

Argumentative Essay II Assignment

Write an original, well-reasoned essay in which you present a controversial argument and support that argument with evidence.  Possible topics include the following:

  • Do some research about the resurgence of small-scale local farms and make an argument for or against the need to develop more of them. What are the benefits of local farms?  What are the benefits of local farms?  What are the benefits of large, corporate food organizations?  Which benefits, in your opinion, are the most important? (414).
  • Visit the website for the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance ( Spend some time on the site, exploring the trending news.  Select a region or topic that interests you and write an exploratory argument on the subject.  Don’t forget to cite any facts that are not common knowledge (410).
  • Think of something on your campus or in your community that you would like to see changed. Write a persuasive argument that explains what is wrong and how you think it ought to be changed.

If you intend to write on a different topic, you must receive permission in advance.

Include at least three college-appropriate sources, at least two of which should come from an academic database.  Use MLA format (double-space, Times New Roman, etc.).

  • Make sure your thesis is clearly presented in your first paragraph, and is specific and focused enough to be addressed in a paper of this length.
  • Organize your thesis with an introduction and conclusion, and paragraphs with topic sentences.
  • Avoid faulty reasoning in your essay per the logical fallacies in your textbook.