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American Sniper and Born on the Fourth of July compare and contrast

In 2-3 pages (double spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font), write a paper in response to the following.

American Sniper and Born on the Fourth of July are two very different stories of veterans. Each is based on an actual person. One is arguably less accurate than the other, historically. Each presents a story of struggle and suffering through the challenges of war, and a story of the redemption of the hero. But there are significant differences as well: these were different wars in different times, told by film directors with different messages to share about war and their hero’s journey.

Compare the two films in regards to the roles played by religious faith, sacrifice, the telling of a hero’s story, and a journey towards redemption. In what ways are they similar and/or different?  What is the message of each film regarding the value of the sacrifice of the soldier and the morality of the wars in which they served?  What is the American myth/story each film tells?

Utilize at least two of the sources we have read in these last two weeks and cite them properly in your paper.