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research question about Individual Differences

Determine a research question about Individual Differences (in learning)!!!

Present on both sides of the argument and not just simply a review (present literature with opposite views on the research question).

Include these points as guidelines in the writing:

·       Why is this question an important one to explore?

·       What is the literature saying about it? Critique the research studies.

·       What conclusions can be made from reading and thinking about the literature?

·       What questions still remain?

The article should take into account the following:

·       Provide a title of the research question

·       The article should provide an opposite view of the topic in question.

·       References to evidence from the readings that support your stances and positions that you make.

·       The majority of this research should be current (within the last 10 years).

·       You should present opposing viewpoints and contrary evidence, if available, and attempt to integrate these views.

·       Include at least 6 references (academic/research studies done to support and not support your question).

·       Word count: 1500 words (excluding reference section)