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Please write a book critique for Revolution for the Hell of It OR The Electric Kool Aid Test

A book critique is not the same as a book report.  you should judges whether the book accurately reflects the times it is reporting about in book critiques. (present your own point of view, not other’s !!!)

Please answer:

1. Does the book treat the subject matter comprehensively?

2.Does the book offer a valuable oversight of the events it describes?

3. Does the author intend to inform or persuade?

The book show the authors particular view. Amazingly, it is written in 1968/69 and had a strong influence on the readers. It is unashamedly biased. This is not a negative if the author makes his intentions plain to the reader.

Things to consider:

1.Present the journal articles or books point of view and general ideas in your essay. Analyze and present some of the basic principles and issues that underlie the authors intentions. State them as fairly as you can, without pausing to remark about them. Remember that the authors ideas need not dominate your essay.

2.Present your point of view by writing down your reactions and pinpointing the exact reasons for your agreement or disagreement with the author. Be specific in your critique of the work.

3.Be careful about the terms you use in your analysis. Never assume that the reader will know exactly what you mean.

4.As a rule you should avoid words that convey a moral judgment. You may give your reasons for believing what you do, but simply stating your beliefs is not likely to convince the reader or make for a persuasive argument. Always make your assertions backed by evidence (facts – examples and statistics – or expert opinion that reinforces your argument).